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I purchased the wrong item
If you've purchased the wrong item and your order has NOT shipped.... (if you've already received your order, see Can I exchange an item?)
1. Open a ticket
2. Include your order number in the ticket
3. Explain what happened. Depending upon how far along your order is in the shipping process, a member of our team will flag your order and place it in a hold status.
Once you receive a response from our team confirming your order is on hold..
1. Place a new order for the correct item.
2. Reply to the ticket with your new order number.
3. We will cancel/refund the first order (no cancellation fee), and proceed to ship your new order.
Please understand you've commissioned us to ship your package to you and we do our best to get orders shipped very quickly.  Opening a ticket is not a guarantee your order will not ship, however it is the most efficient way we can process these requests.
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