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I received a damaged item
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First off, we apologize if you've received a damaged item!  To ensure we can take care of this in the fastest way possible, it's important you provide us with as much information up front.  Continue reading below, as there are a couple of different types of claims regarding damaged items.  When ready, Open a Ticket with the information requested below.


Damage MUST be reported within 72 hours of package delivery


Types of Damaged Item Claims


Manufacturer Defect


All of the items we carry include a manufacturer's warranty, and all claims for manufacturer defects must first be filed directly with the manufacturer.  We do not accept returns or exchanges for manufacturer defects.  A quick search engine search for the manufacturer will get you to their homepage - navigate to the bottom for their contact information or support email address.  If you're unable to locate one, open a ticket with us and we'll assist you.  If you run into any issues during this process, we are here to help facilitate the process.  Just open a ticket and let us know what's going on.


A manufacturer will not likely issue you a refund - and in the event you wish to receive a refund, you should contact us as these are handled on a case-by-case basis.


Carrier Damage


If you receive a damaged parcel, resulting in a damaged item(s), we need a couple pieces of information to include:  Photo of the damaged item; Photo of the damage to the package; photo of the stamp the carrier placed on the package indicating the package was 'delivered damaged', or 'without contents'.  If the package is damaged and does not have this stamp/marking present, you MUST contact the carrier and request they stamp the package as such.  


The package recipient shall retain ALL packaging and package contents in the event they are requested during the claims process. FAILURE TO RETAIN THESE ITEMS COULD AFFECT FINAL SETTLEMENT.


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